This post tells you how to wear beautiful caps for men and women.

This post tells you how to wear beautiful caps for men and women.

Before looking to buy a beautiful cap for both Men and Women, you often learn about the history of the birth of hats and how to wear a beautiful cap so that you can choose a suitable hat.

The history of the birth of a cap

The hat was born as a rule of any object in the world to meet human needs. From the very beginning, when people needed something to cover the sun, rain, keep their heads warm, or protect their heads in the event of a collision, that was the reason for the hat to appear.

First, the hat didn’t have as much shape as it does today. It’s just animal skins crossed over the forehead or head. Later, the cap was much improved when people realized its benefits.

The first hat image found on a grave is a man wearing a straw hat. This shows that the original hat was used more by men than by women. And hats are no longer an item to cover the sun, mag it develops as a high-class fashion accessory.

Because, around the beginning of the nineteenth century, the hat was a symbol of status and power. During the war in the twentieth century, the cap became less practical due to the war. But later, peace in the world was restored, and that was also when the hat returned to its heyday.

Today, hats are widely used for sun protection, rain protection, skin protection, or to make the wearer more beautiful, becoming a fashion accessory for both men and women. check out this: Clean Up On Aisle 46 Hat Cap

Clean Up On Aisle 46 Hat Cap
Clean Up On Aisle 46 Hat Cap


The secret to choosing a cap that looks very attractive

With all we know about hats, there is no reason not to choose a nice cap to wear when going out with relatives. We could share a tip or more on choosing the right hat for your style and making you more attractive.

Once you’ve decided on the style and color of your hat, please put it on and look at yourself in the mirror. Notice if the color of the cap matches your skin tone. For example, your slightly gray skin will suit warm colors like pink. And if you have lane Tan skin black, avoid black hats. And you have white skin. Congratulations, all colors stand out with your skin.

Currently, buying hats online has become much more popular. If a reputable shop, you can choose online, which is also very convenient. Pay attention to the description of the shops to be able to buy quality products.

You also need to note; if the hat is too cheap, it certainly cannot come with high quality.

Rooster hat name personalized
Rooster hat name personalized

Choose a cap based on your face. 

A nice hat is proportionate and suitable for your face. If you are a person with a slight look, avoid choosing hats with wide brims and tops. For a large face, you should not choose a hat that hugs your face.

For girls, when trying on hats, pull your hair up or pull it over your ears for the correct look.

For people who have a round face and want to make their face appear longer, choose a hat with a pointed tip and let your hair fall on the sides. Avoid choosing hats with round information…

If your face is a little long, choose a hat with a round and short top like the one capor hats with wide brims like sun hats. An oval face can fit all kinds of hats.

Not everyone knows a secret: When you choose to buy fashionable hats, pay attention to your nose. If your nose is too big, go with a cap with stylish sunglasses to cover the nose part.

For every face, the hat also has its principle that the brim should not cover your cheeks unless you go fishing or use a hat to block the sun for a long time.

Mikasa Hizuru Nation Cap
Mikasa Hizuru Nation Cap


How to wear a beautiful cap according to male and female faces

For both Men and Women, we can apply a cap that matches the face as below.

Choosing a beautiful hat is like choosing an outfit. It needs to be fashionable, catch up with trends and match your face. So how to choose a lovely hat that suits your face? Let’s see how to choose the right hat for each look.

With a round face

If you are a girl or a guy with a round face, the simple way to increase the length of your face is to choose a hat with a high top, and the brim of the cap should not be too broad. It would help if you avoided hats with even or low tops because it will make your face look more prominent and rounder.

Suppose you have a whole, white face. In addition to a high-chop cap, you should consider choosing a cowboy hat as well. Because with a neat shape, small brim and high top will make your face more elegant. At the same time, the cap will give you a youthful, dynamic style and is very suitable for you to travel. The hat will not make you entangled when integrating and having fun with friends.

Pokemon Pikachu Allover Print Hat
Pokemon Pikachu Allover Print Hat

With an oval face

This is the face many people want. With an oval face, you have the right to choose any that you like. The oval face is suitable for most hats and almost any material such as a cap, a wide-brimmed hat, snapback, ballcap… Therefore, you can easily change many different hat styles to stand out—best with your set.

In the concept of us Asians, the oval face is considered the standard of beauty. It is a face with two narrow, delicate, gentle chin corners, easy to make a good impression on the opposite person.

However, it depends on your skin tone and uses if you need to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Please consider choosing your color and style.

Excavator name personalized hats
Excavator name personalized hats

How to wear a beautiful cap for a long face

If you have an oval face, this is the perfect face for experimenting with any hat. This face is suitable for all beautiful hat styles, and you are free to choose the hat styles you like. For those who own a long look, indeed, the most suitable hat style for her is the wide-brimmed hat. It will enhance the beauty of your face and create softness and tenderness for your face.

The cap is one of the indispensable accessories contributing to the completion of those sets. Those with long faces will be suitable for low-top hats such as ballcaps, or you will wear wide-brimmed bucket hats if you don’t like caps, etc. It would help if you stayed away from square hats because it will make your face looks longer.

Wide-brimmed hats made from sedge material are also always the number one choice for perfect beauty. It has the effect of shading to protect the skin of the face and is well balanced, suitable for long faces. However, people with long faces should avoid hats with small or shallow brims, as these styles will unbalance your face.

I hope you soon choose a hat you like this summer, to enjoy the fun days with family and friends.

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